About The Celtic Cult
The Celtic Cult is an Alliance Guild on Turalyon EU. Formed by a group of friends based in South West England, the guild's original purpose was to serve as a social hub for friends ingame.

Having formed towards the end of WotLK, the Cult secured it's first raid boss kill of Magmaw, in Blackwing Descent, at a lowly 102nd on server. Since those halcyon days, the Guild has become much more of a raiding force, with two separate and successful 10 man teams, alongside retaining a very friendly and vibrant community.

We hope you enjoy the experience.

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Thok Me In The Brain!

by Cpatz, 217 days ago

two progress kills in a week! gz team 1 :) 
title quote from our beloved raid leader :3 

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To The Victor(s?) Go The Spoils!

by Cpatz, 218 days ago

massive gz to team 1 on a perfectly executed kill of Spoils HC, bumping us up to 10/14hc! 4 more to go :) 

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Returning to Pandaria!

by Cpatz, 237 days ago

TCC headed back into Pandaria this week to clear up a few guild achievements and unlock a new mount for all members (be sure to pick it up from the guild shop!) by knocking over the old heroics - some were a little tougher than we thought! 
We'll be headed back to finish off some metas if anyone is interested, we'll let you know when! 

Cheers for all involved, it was a fun couple of nights :D 

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T2 Burst With Pride

by Lunrdek, 242 days ago

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