About The Celtic Cult
The Celtic Cult is an Alliance Guild on Turalyon EU. Formed by a group of friends based in South West England, the guild's original purpose was to serve as a social hub for friends ingame.

Having formed towards the end of WotLK, the Cult secured it's first raid boss kill of Magmaw, in Blackwing Descent, at a lowly 102nd on server. Since those halcyon days, the Guild has become much more of a raiding force, with two separate and successful 10 man teams, alongside retaining a very friendly and vibrant community.

We hope you enjoy the experience.

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Warlords of Draenor recruitment open!

by Lunrdek, 78 days ago

Recruitment is now open for Warlords of Draenor. We're accepting all types of players, and experienced raiders are especially welcome!

Contact an officer in-game to join the Celtic Cult - and bring your friends!

Officers: Haggish, Heirobiios, Lunrdek, Korcki, Phanttas, Zerospin

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Thok Me In The Brain!

by Cpatz, 298 days ago

two progress kills in a week! gz team 1 :) 
title quote from our beloved raid leader :3 

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To The Victor(s?) Go The Spoils!

by Cpatz, 299 days ago

massive gz to team 1 on a perfectly executed kill of Spoils HC, bumping us up to 10/14hc! 4 more to go :) 

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Returning to Pandaria!

by Cpatz, 318 days ago

TCC headed back into Pandaria this week to clear up a few guild achievements and unlock a new mount for all members (be sure to pick it up from the guild shop!) by knocking over the old heroics - some were a little tougher than we thought! 
We'll be headed back to finish off some metas if anyone is interested, we'll let you know when! 

Cheers for all involved, it was a fun couple of nights :D 

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T2 Burst With Pride

by Lunrdek, 323 days ago

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